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What is TARGET in the Fishery Sector Program about?

The program is a concrete step of the government in realizing the "inclusive growth" and "poverty alleviation" agenda, particularly in the fishery sector. Equipped with the necessary metrics and registries, it will deliver targeted actions or interventions in an effort to improve the livelihood os the identified fisherfolk population and eventually lessen the incidence of poverty.

It aims to bridge the disparity between the growing contribution of the fishery industry to the Philippine economy and the thriving poverty in the fishing communities. In doing so, it will likewise address Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing (IUUF), one of its root cause whic severely jeopardizes the livelihood of the municipal fisherfolk. This will be done through he enhanced fishery law enforcement and strenghtened regulatory activities. Finally, it will hep catalyze economic transformation through managed and value-based fisheries production with increased participation os small-scale fisherfolk throughout the entire value chain.

  • Program Objectives:
  • The program is designed to reduce poverty in targeted fishing communities through the provision of comprehensivelivelihood packages, including training and skills development as well as in resource managementand protection. The program specifically aims to:

    • Reduce poverty incidence by about 4% during it's initial implementation in the poorest fishing communities as determined from cross-matching of databases between the BFAR's FishR and that of the DSWD's National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction;
    • Provide the necessary livelihood interventions across the value chain of specific commodities to targeted 33,2016 fisherfolk from initial 100 coastal communities;
    • Link with institutions and other government agencies, including the LGU's, to institutionalize the program.

  • Who is going to implement the program?
  • The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources of the Department of Agriculture, in keeping it's mandates and using the available resources will take the lead in the implementation of the TARGET program. It will closely coordinate however with the Local Government Units (LGUs) and other concerned government and non-government agencies in the course of implementing the program.

  • Who will be specifically covered by the program?
  • Initially, the TARGET program during its first year of implementation will cover 20% or 33,206 of the 166,000 fisherfolk whose names appear both on the DA-BFAR's FishR and that of the DSWD's National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction. With 1.8 million estimated total number of fisherfolk in the country, the impact of the targeted actions or interventions to 33,206 fisherfolk would mean 4% reduction from poverty incidence rate of 39.2% among tyhe fisherfolk sector.

  • What are the components of the program?
  • Generally, the TARGET program focuses on the following components:

    • Livelihood
    • Resource Enhancement
    • Resource Management and Protection
    • Post-Harvest and Marketing Support


Province Municipality (Barangay) No. of Fisherfolk Validated as Poor Performance (3/2) x 100 No. of Beneficiaries Provided with Livelihood Performance (7/5) x 100 No. of FLDTs Fisherfolk Profile Completed Community Profile Completed Resource Profile Completed
Apayao 11 0
Benguet 63 10
Ifugao 228 2
Kalinga 6 0
TOTAL 308 12
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